In Loving Memory of Evangelist Sylvia Wright- 06/07/57 to 12/23/23

Posted on Thu, Oct 15, 2020:

She will never be forgotten. See Her Celebration of Life Service

    Sylvia Varnessa Wright was born in Tuskegee, Alabama the eldest child of her proud parents and the first to become an Evangelist Missionary in her family. One night during a church service, a prophetess came up to Evangelist Wright's mother and told her, "God has a great work for this baby and she is going to be a prophet." Shortly afterwards, at two years old, the house caught on fire and Evangelist Wright was severely burned over 80% of her body. She had an out of body experience where she was looking down on her family as they sat around a tent in intensive care as the doctors informed her parents that she would not make it through the night. But God. Evangelist Wright had a little talk with Jesus and God gave her His breath of life. She awakened the next morning to tell her parents not to cry because Jesus was going to make it alright. 


    In 1995, Sylvia became a licensed Evangelist Missionary from the Jurisdictional School of Licensing for Missionaries under the tutelage of Mother Barbara McCoo Lewis. In 1995, the Evangelist also earned an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Compton College. In 2010, Evangelist Wright earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from the Exodus School of the Bible. In 2012, Evangelist Wright became a certified foster mother and earned a certificate of In Home Supportive Services from the State of California and is currently serving the under privileged children. Evangelist Sylvia Wright has always been concerned about the welfare of others and as a powerful prayer warrior she stands in the gap to intercede before God on behalf of other people and ministries.



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